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New Services and new partnerships for S2 and parent company Supertemps

A RECRUITMENT company marking its 40th anniversary forged key partnerships and unveiled new services during lockdown. Based in Colwyn Bay and Bangor, Supertemps and it's IT, Engineering and Tech brand, S2 Recruitment, has launched a suite of services to complement its... read more

Sian’s top five tips for furloughed workers

If you've visited our social media channels recently you may have seen our video featuring members of the Supertemps and S2 Recruitment as they discuss the highs and lows of the lockdown experience. You can watch the full video here. S2's Sian Shepherd was one of the... read more

Video: Furlough vs Working through lockdown

How has your business coped during the COVID19 pandemic? How does it actually feel to be on furlough? And what's it like being left in the office and working right through lockdown during the Coronavirus pandemic?What do employers need to know about how employees may... read more

COVID 19 Update

Due to the Coronavirus all S2 Recruitment employees are now working remotely until further notice.  Our business continues as usual but our staff are working from home. You can still contact us on our usual contact details here.  We are able to arrange online interviews and... read more

Employers showered with legislative demands this April

Employers and contractors will be showered with legislative demands this April. As well as increases to the National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage, new holiday pay entitlement for variable employment will hit the private sector this April. Add to that parental... read more