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Candidate’s skills span the divide for jobsearch success

Searching for a job during the Coronavirus pandemic has been a challenge for many furloughed or at risk-workers in North Wales.

But it was completely unchartered territory for Emrys Roberts.

The 39 year-old, from Blaenau Ffestiniog, had been in permanent employment for almost two decades; the last time he needed to find work was at the turn of the century via traditional routes, long before the multitude of online platforms and portals there are now. 

Having been furloughed and later seen his hours reduced due to the pressures of Covid-19 – which has had a dramatic impact on all sectors – the skilled software designer opted to find something new.

Swamped by the vast amount of paperwork and research needed to identify anything close to the criteria he had set, Emrys contacted S2 Recruitment – based in Bangor and Colwyn Bay – and is now happy and settled in his new position with Abergele-based events and experience pioneer, Worldspan.

Currently working remotely, he is enjoying the role and thankful to S2 for guiding him through the candidate process after months of frustration.

“I hadn’t had to search for a job for nearly 20 years, so it was a bit of an eye opener,” said Emrys.

“As a result, my CV was out of date and the interview process was going to be completely different, so it was all quite daunting.

“It’s relatively simple to list your education and experience but selling yourself is not so easy, I was a little uncomfortable with that at first.

“But after contacting S2 Recruitment I felt a lot better; they were always there to help with any questions I had about interviews, contracts and other employment issues.”

After scouring websites and job portals for a suitable job within commuting distance, Emrys found there were opportunities out there, but only after a lot of research and legwork on his part.

“I spent a lot of time signing up to job sites and scouring the internet, reading through profiles and filling out applications,” he said.

“I started to get responses, but they were for jobs in distant parts of the country or in roles that did not match my requirements.

“With me living in a rural area that was not ideal, but as a software developer I can work from anywhere, so I was hopeful of finding something suitable.”

Using their vast experience and training, the award-winning recruitment team at S2 began matching his skillset with roles he had not even thought to apply for.

“I was surprised when they came back with jobs utilising specialisms within my sector – I was very impressed,” said Emrys.

“The interview for Worldspan was via video conferencing and I was delighted to be offered a place with them as there is a focus on development and the opportunity to learn and grow.”

He added: “Thanks to everyone at S2, during what has been a challenging time they helped me find a job and now I’m excited at what the future will bring.” 

Sian Shepherd, Business Manager at S2 Recruitment, congratulated Emrys and says there are opportunities out there in myriad industries, notably IT.

“Emrys did receive several offers but was delighted to join Worldspan, a growing and very well-respected company here in North Wales,” said Sian.

“Coronavirus has been tough on all businesses but if there is one positive it’s the way in which they have embraced advances in technology and adapted to new practices, such as home and remote working, and conducting interviews and the recruitment process online.

“We are at the forefront of that here in North Wales and proud to be in partnership with so many fantastic organisations, like Worldspan.

“We wish them and Emrys the very best of luck for the future.”

Ian Davies, Managing Director of Worldspan, echoed those words and thanked S2 Recruitment for their support.

“Worldspan have been really pleased to work with S2 over a number of years,” said Ian. 

“They have taken the time to get to know us as a company, so they only match us with suitable candidates with the right skill set, which saves both our time and that of those looking for new roles.  

“Our account manager Sian is a pleasure to work with and goes above and beyond to help in the recruitment process, making it a painless and easy process.”

He added: “At Worldspan we very much believe our team is at the heart of the company and we look for new members who want to grow and develop with us.  

“Finding good software developers with the right skill set for our growing team isn’t easy, but S2 know what we want and always place the right people; Emrys is no exception, and we are delighted he has joined the team.”

For more on S2 Recruitment, visit www.s2recruitment.co.uk 

Visit www.worldspan.co.uk for the latest news and information from Worldspan. 

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