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Video: Furlough vs Working through lockdown

How has your business coped during the COVID19 pandemic?

How does it actually feel to be on furlough? And what’s it like being left in the office and working right through lockdown during the Coronavirus pandemic?

What do employers need to know about how employees may feel?  Would it be helpful for employees to know that there are others feeling like they do?

Supertemps and S2 Recruitment MD Sarah Ellwood chats to 2 members of her team Victoria Armstrong-Smith and Sian Shepherd about how the past 4 months have been for them. One of them (Vicki) has worked full time and more to cope with the pressure whilst other team members are on furlough.

The other (Sian) has been on long term furlough and now returned to work part time. 

All three team members have a chat in this video about the learnings, the ups and the downs from an employer and employee point of view.

Why not grab yourself a cuppa and tune in?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how lockdown has been in your workplace . . .

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