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S2 Recruitment prove an asset to Anglesey company’s expansion plans

A cutting-edge asset management company saving utility giants tens of millions of pounds
every year is looking to expand further.

Anglesey-based Probit Consulting has already grown in past months with the support of Colwyn Bay and Bangor’s S2 Recruitment – part of the Supertemps group – who helped them fill a key IT position.

Formed eight years ago, Probit is a unique business providing an innovative solution for utility and energy firms including Welsh Water, Wales and West Utilities, Thames Water, Cadent and National Grid.

Probit’s customers optimize their short and long term investment needs using software designed by managing director, Dr Philip Jonkergouw.

The software requires advanced forecasting and consequence models that allow these companies to identify high-risk assets that may affect facilities, services and infrastructure if they fail. This enables them to go and maintain them before any serious damage occurs.

For example, if a network of water pipes in a built-up area is likely to be in need of replacement, after inputting vital information around the age, condition and location of the pipes, Probit’s software would flag this up so it can be dealt with prior to any incident.

Using their unique modelling system, Probit is able to let customers know how much money they’re going to need to spend over the next 25-40 years on infrastructure.

“It’s simply risk and cost benefit analysis at a very large scale, looking at all potential risk factors over a given planning horizon for all assets – in some cases more than a million pipe sections underground – to help identify which assets need maintenance or replacement and when,” said Dr Jonkergouw.

“If there was a pipe that needed to be repaired or replaced near a hospital, for example, that would be more of a priority than one under a field in the countryside.

“Addressing that can save thousands of pounds, even millions, and in some cases these decisions can save lives and serious injury through flooding or a gas leak.”

When Probit needed a new Oracle SQL Developer recently – a role not common in North Wales – Dr Jonkergouw’s first port of call was S2 Recruitment, who paired them with database developer, Ifan Jones.

Ifan had just returned from Australia hoping to find local work in his specialist field when an opportunity arose to work for a highly innovative IT organisation in the region.

Dr Jonkergouw says the coming months will be key for the business, but they are making waves in the industry and steadily growing.

“It has been difficult to find suitable candidates given the specialist nature of what we do, but with the support of S2 Recruitment we found what we were looking for and Ifan is already a good contributing member of the team,” he said.

“We are looking to expand and that’s not so easy when you can’t find the right people; it’s been a
complete nightmare in the past, so I’m glad we contacted them and they were able to help us.

“It’s a very busy and positive time for us and I would like to thank S2 Recruitment for all their help and support – I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them.”

Dr Jonkergouw added: “The talent is out there, and a lot of people are like Ifan and want to stay or move to North Wales. It is becoming more and more possible because of the growth of business and industry in the region, notably IT.”

S2 Recruitment Consultant Kate Humphreys worked with Probit to fill the vacancy, and says while it was a challenge, their database and contacts helped narrow the field and find the perfect candidate.

“I’m so pleased we were able to support Dr Jonkergouw, and that Ifan is now a key part of a growing team here in North Wales,” she said.

“There are many jobs out there for highly skilled workers in this region, particularly in the IT and
specialist sectors, so I would urge candidates and businesses to contact us if they want to find out more.”

Visit www.probitconsulting.com for the latest on Probit Consulting.

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