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Recruiters to the Rescue for International Survival Firm

A RECRUITMENT agency came to the rescue when an international survival firm needed help modifying anti-G Force garments for fighter pilots.

Wirral-based Survitec is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Safety and Survival Equipment, supplying maritime, aviation, offshore and defence organisations worldwide.

But when a batch of their Skeletal anti-G trousers destined for fighter pilots required modification at short notice and with a tight deadline, the company called on Colwyn Bay recruiters Supertemps to enlist a dozen staff to help.

The following weeks saw great activity as garments were shipped in small batches to the workers so that they could conduct the required work to modify the trousers.

This speedy response by S2 Recruitment’s parent brand, Supertemps,  significantly reduced any potential delivery delay to the customer.

“It was a very unusual scenario and one we’ve never encountered before,” said Stewart Gregory, Vice President of Innovation and New Product Development at Survitec.

“These technical garments are very high value and are a critical part of the ensemble that’s used by fighter pilots on every mission.

“It was a very rare occurrence and is unprecedented to send them out to people so that they could conduct the work package offsite. We then undertook the final steps of the modification and quality checks back at the factory.”

He added: “A very straightforward task but a very important one and we are grateful to Supertemps for the way they quickly gathered so many great people with the rights skills to help us get the job done. If we need similar services in the future, we know who to ask.”

Supertemps is riding high following the success of its annual Temporary Workers Week and launch of s2recruitment.co.uk, a website targeting candidates seeking senior management and technical vacancies in the IT and executive sectors.

Managing Director Sarah Ellwood said the Survitec partnership is one that’s gone from strength to strength after this unusual first collaboration.

“I think from that experience Stewart and his colleagues could see how quickly we can be flexible and find a solution to even the most challenging recruitment situation,” said Sarah.

“This one in particular was quite unusual, seeing these temps with garments that needed modifying, but it was a vital job that had to be done and we managed to find the perfect people for it from our database.”

For more information, visit www.supertemps.co.uk

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