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May 2017

How to match your skills to a Person Specification

When you read a job ad, there are certain items of information you are probably most interested in, such as the salary on offer, the number of hours' work expected of you, and the location of the role, among others.  Down at the bottom, you'll typically find a bullet point... read more

Social media and your job search

Most people have at least some social media presence these days, from close friends and family on Facebook, to a wider network on Twitter, or professional contacts on LinkedIn. A lively social networking presence can be a bonus for some job applications - it shows you are... read more

Great employers attract great talent: the importance of your brand for recruitment

In the modern-day recruitment environment, we often speak about it as more of a candidate's market - the internet has made vacancies easier to find and company background easier to research, while the top talent out there now know they can hold out for better if a job spec... read more

Is it time for a skills health check?

Skills shortages, skills gaps, over-skilled, mismatched skills, life skills, employability skills….it can all get a little confusing, right?! The world of work is always changing, as are the skills requirements of employers. There has been a lot of media hype and dramatic... read more

How to succeed in panel interviews: 4 tips for success

Congratulate yourself: you got the interview! All the hard work you put into your CV and application form paid off. Now, get over it. Getting the interview is just the start of a long and difficult journey to job hunt success. If you’re lucky enough to be shortlisted for a... read more