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Press Feature: North Wales – Real growth. Real opportunity.

Did you see the recent piece in Recruitment International Magazine from our ‘parent brand’ Supertemps?

Our Communications Officer Edith Bryan, was thrilled to have been asked to contribute to this industry leading trade magazine and wrote a feature on the challenges and opportunities of recruiting in North Wales. Here is a snippet from the article:

“North Wales already boasts a strong and diverse economy, with a thriving tourism industry and many world class attractions, alongside a growing financial and professional services industry and of course renewable energy sector. Despite the strength of these key industries, over the last few years there has been significant focus on developing the region’s economic potential even further.

Supertemps has served the region’s employers for the last 37 years and in that time we’ve observed significant shifts in the attitude of business owners and key organisations. The people who work, live and invest here in North Wales really care about building a sustainable and positive future – and it is that attitude which has had such a significant impact on regional development in recent years.

The partnerships between private sector firms, education providers, charitable organisations, the public sector and the local residents are exemplary. For a vast and predominantly rural region, with a disparate population, the progressive approach to regional development that has emerged over the last decade is really something to behold. North Wales has a thriving business community that is keen to build links beyond the borders. We actively support those who invest here with the aim of developing a more integrated, progressive and sustainable economy – that works for everyone.”

You can read the rest of this article in the digital version of Recruitment International magazine by clicking HERE.

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