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January 2017

Press Feature: North Wales – Real growth. Real opportunity.

Did you see the recent piece in Recruitment International Magazine from our 'parent brand' Supertemps? Our Communications Officer Edith Bryan, was thrilled to have been asked to contribute to this industry leading trade magazine and wrote a feature on the challenges and... read more

Planning and process is the key to successful recruitment

Your people drive the success or failure of your company, so it is essential to analyse and plan this core aspect of your business. What is recruitment planning? Recruitment planning is similar to developing a business plan, but far simpler. It is a way for your business to... read more

Labour Market Lessons from 2016

Employers and employees both use the New Year as a time for reflection and many of you will be considering changes to your own working patterns in 2017 - whether it be taking on extra staff to grow your business or forging a brand new career. Regardless of which applies to you,... read more